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Cart #neonspheres-4 | 2020-10-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Help the factory sorting stuff.

Controls, left right, up X and C to jump

To do list :

  • destruction animation
  • scoring system
P#82620 2020-10-06 00:40 ( Edited 2020-10-06 14:34)

Very cool! I find this very very difficult, but it's really satisfying when I get it right. I wasn't even able to track the back conveyor belt though, I could barely manage the first two! Really neat premise and the animation all looks amazing. (I love the green and red "success/failure" lights.)

P#82647 2020-10-06 18:21

Very cool visuals!!
I completely suck at "alternate" control schemes, but interesting gameplay mechanic.

P#82651 2020-10-06 20:47
:: JanJ

Thanks for your feedback.
I totally suck at this game too, this is more a visual experimentation than a correct game right now. But I'm gonna try some changes to make the gameplay more accessible.

P#82660 2020-10-07 00:50

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