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Cart #fantasytactics-10 | 2020-08-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

So LOWREZJAM 2020 comes to an end... I finally submitted a playable project but with a lot of unfinished features. For a start there is no AI, In the remaining time I would not have been able to add a proper "smart" AI so I prefered to leave the game as 2p game only (or for those wanting to challenge themselves balttle yourself!). Sound is totally missing... I will be welcoming sfx and track contributions... that area is not my best. You can check it also in it's itch.io page

Future plans

At this resolution (mode 3, 64x64) and with the constraints in time for the JAM I "abandoned" that cart and started focusing on rewriting things on a 128x128 more organized cart (keeping all the good things in this one) so expect to keep hearing from Fantasy Tactics HD ;)

Game mechanics:

This is a simplified "tactics" game (Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre and so many more...). There's two opposing sides, The Kingdom and The Undead and the objective is wipe out all the opposing forces. Every turn a unit can MOVE and perform an ACTION.


Activate a unit with ❎ and it's move area will be displayed in RED. That area is calculated based on the MOVE trait of the unit but considering units cannot go trhough other units, rocks or trees, that you cannot end your move in water (but you can jump across 1 tile of water) and that you cannot jump up more than a height difference of 2. Press ❎ again to select where you want to move or πŸ…ΎοΈ to cancel the action and release the unit.
Press ❎ on an empty tile to get the TURN MENU that helps you find units that have not yet moved and allows also to end the turn inmediately


After moving, the ACTION MENU will show up with the available actions. After selecting ATTACK or to cast a SPELL a TARGETTING AREA will be displayed in GREEN. Any potential target in the area is tracked and you can iterate through them with the cursor keys to pick the target you want. If the unit is carrying POTIONS and it has lost some HIT POINTS it can drink one of them to restore up to 3HP. SUPPORT spells automatically succeed and apply to the targetted unit. You can cancel your orders with πŸ…ΎοΈ.


ATTACK and OFFENSIVE spells initiate a combat roll. Combat is DICE based. The attacking and the defending units roll a number of dice and depending on the results the combat is resolved.

  • BASIC ATTACK: The roll is ATTACK vs DEFENSE traits. HIT symbol is SWORD, DEF symbol is SHIELD
  • SPELL ATTACK: The roll is "SPELL LEVEL" vs DEFENSE trait. HIT symbol depends on the spell, DEF symbol is SHIELD

The combat result is the defending unit looses as many HIT POINTS as the count of HIT minus DEF symbols

The Units

The Kingdom

  • [0x0]
    Archers: Fast moving, attack at a distance, carry a potion
  • [0x0]
    Halberdiers: Sturdy and with a long reach, carry a potion
  • [0x0]
    Axemen: Strong attack, carry a potion
  • [0x0]
    Priests: Weak attack, SUPPORT spell HEAL (+4HP)
  • [0x0]
    Wizards: Weak attack and defense, OFFENSIVE spell FIREBALL (LV 4, HIT symbol FIREBALL)

The Undead

  • [0x0]
    Lancers: Avg attack, low defense, long reach
  • [0x0]
    Swordmen: Avg attack and defense
  • [0x0]
    Reapers: Strong attack, low defense
  • [0x0]
    Necromancer: Low attack and defense, SUPPORT spell MEND (+4HP)
  • [0x0]
    Lych: Sturdy wraith with strong attack and defense, OFFENSIVE spell MIASMA (LV 4, HIT symbol SKULL)
P#80838 2020-08-16 11:17 ( Edited 2020-08-20 19:01)

Bugfix update: Potion usage did not realease the unit... fixed

P#80886 2020-08-17 16:30

Nice work! I left you a vote, and if you continue with this as a project I will be keen to play-test and see how it evolves.

P#80897 2020-08-17 21:58

Tahnk you @wez! I will be working on completing it for sure, at least to include what is clearly missing. I have started a cleanup and I am doing some testing with a 128x128 version of it with bigger tiles (24x12 now but might go down to 20x10 and not 16x8) and bigger units/scenery (up to 16x24 and not 10x16)

Token restriction will probably force my hand into multicart... separate the map play state from non in-game areas and maybe extract combat on it's own cart to free space for AI. The multicart option will also allow me to expand on different tilesets and factions and potentially include "facing" and add depth to the game mechanics and potentially dedicate a cart for savespace (in-built save space is gonna be probably too small)

P#80903 2020-08-18 04:26

New bugfixes in place...

  • more than one game can be played in sequence (stupid table name collision)
  • Offensive magic is no longer free, fixed SP cost
  • Endgame detection still faulty, but ending your own recovered turn after killing all the units on the other side fires end-game now
P#80983 2020-08-20 18:48

Very impressive - I'm a fan of FFT and Tactics Ogre and I can see the love for those games in your game. Great write-up on the instructions too

P#80985 2020-08-20 19:09

Thank you @waynaul you have it right :P I've loved tactics games almost from the start... 2D , isometric, not so much a fan of 3D but with the right approach (like GC/wii fire emblembs) they are also good. This is mostly a prototype I hacked in 2 weeks... it's full of issues and actually I am writing a full new version of the engine to have it running at 128x128... see where things end ;)

P#80987 2020-08-20 19:28

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