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If you export a cartridge to binary multiple times without deleting the output, the files end up duplicated in the ZIP files with the same filenames.

P#78980 2020-07-06 10:13

Exactly! They even seem to copy whatever is in the folder after export and copy it to the zip. So if you add custom files to the linux, windows or .app folder you may end up with those extra files in the zip too (and duplicated for every export).

Interestingly, when I extract the archive I don't get error messages (maybe they just pick the last file with the same name); but I can clearly see the size of the .zip increasing over time...

So for now I need to add a cleanup step to my custom export script to make sure I have clean archives.

P#86081 2021-01-02 18:53

Fixed in PICO-8 0.2.2

From changelog:

> Fixed: Exporting the same zip file multiple times creates duplicate file entries

UPDATE: To the OP: I didn't create the thread so I don't have control over it, but once you've confirmed the fix you can mark the thread as Resolved in the arrow menu.

P#92289 2021-05-21 17:49 ( Edited 2021-05-21 18:16)

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