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I often have several instances of PICO-8 running. It would be nice if their window titles reflected what was running, at least to some extent, so I could select the right minimized app from the taskbar.

Seems like "documentname - appname" is the de facto standard for this kind of thing, so it'd be nice to click on the taskbar and see this list:

  • UNTITLED - PICO-8 (or maybe just PICO-8 when nothing's been saved)
  • TIMER.P8 - PICO-8

I converted the filenames to uppercase here because it feels on-brand, so to speak, and also because making uppercase the default would interact nicely with this optional upgrade:

You could extend the titling algorithm so it uses the same method a .p8.png image uses, where if the first line is a comment, it treats it as the cart's title.

For instance, when running/editing this infloop.p8 cart:

The window would be titled "Infinite Loop - PICO-8", rather than "INFLOOP.P8 - PICO-8", because I used a comment (with mixed case) to make a nice, elegant title for my cart.

(You'd probably want to remember to do unicode conversion too, so kana would show properly on Japanese carts.)

P#75878 2020-05-05 21:02 ( Edited 2020-05-06 01:09)

:: Felice

I guess the comment method didn't make the cut, but 0.2.0g at least shows the filename, and that's good enough for me, so I'll mark this'un resolved. :)

P#76012 2020-05-07 02:39 ( Edited 2020-05-07 02:40)

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