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This bug may have been in place for the last several versions, not sure why I haven't reported it yet.

In older versions, hitting ctrl-z would show you your undone text change and then hitting ctrl-z again
would actually move the cursor to its previous position.

These actions appear to be combined in recent versions as the cursor will frequently jump away from the text
that I had changed.

A minor annoyance, but I think some other folks have noticed it talking in the discord.

P#75662 2020-04-30 21:50


Fixed in 0.2.0f

The code editor now stores an undo point when making a content-changing operation on a different line from the previous undo point.

(earlier versions functionally did something similar, but were using a different undo backend that was re-written to provide infinite undo for the other editors)

P#75864 2020-05-05 17:53

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