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To see what's been done in Applecart so far, go HERE:


This was supposed to be posted Sunday but I get detained, so here it is Monday. Better late than never, right ? :)

Continuing the Applecart we were going to do five stages of the Apple puzzle game, PENSATE.

  1. Sprites and game appearance (due now, I finished mine all in just an hour)
  2. Movement of sprites and player (due 02-09-20)
  3. Menus and scoring (etc)
  4. Sound
  5. Cleanup and completion

For more information about this cart, go HERE:

You should have already completed numbers 1 and 2 over this 2-week period. Here is a video of my version of current PENSATE for Pico-8 based on the original game for the Apple ][.

As you can see like the original you get a chance to choose where to place the player at the bottom for your first move and after that, at least for the first few levels, you get one move for yourself and one move for your opponents.

Later levels will show more opponents and more moves you must make per level, up to 3 !

That's all for today. Your next step is to build the menus and scoring around it (and of course to move the opponents too).

With that, here's hoping you will join in and I will see you next week with your results !

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