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M5Stack FACES ESP32 Pocket Computer


Do you guys think pico8 could run on this? I have been looking for a device I could program and run pico8 on and the idea of being able to code, then swap the face out seems pretty cool. It's like having a tiny dev computer that turns into the console afterwords.

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:: Spaz48

Unfortunately, as great as this would be as a Pico-8 handheld, it seems to be closer to an Arduino than a Raspberry Pi. That, and even if it could theoretically run Pico-8, it looks nowhere near powerful enough to do so based on these specs. It's basically an original Odroid Go in a fancier shell, I think. It's based around the same or a very similar chip, at least.

I've been shopping around for a Pico-8 handheld myself, with the Gameshell being far too expensive for me, and the Odroid Go Advance seems like the best bet. It's seemingly powerful enough, and the hardware seems like it'd be able to run the Pi version of Pico-8. Only problem is, if it can, it'd probably be a pain to set up, and it released not that long ago, so seemingly nobody has tested Pico-8 on it yet.

And while it's lacking Wifi, Bluetooth, and a keyboard, it does have a full sized USB 2.0 port. So you could carry around a mini usb keyboard, or you could 3d print your own case for the thing to include one of those tiny bluetooth keyboards and stick a bluetooth adapter in the USB port. This is all speculation and assumptions, though, as I have no idea if Pico-8 would even work on it. Still, $55 seems a lot better of a deal than $160 for the Gameshell which also doesn't have a keyboard.

Take all this with a grain of salt, though. I'm sure someone else knows better than me.

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