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Good HOT afternoon ! It's a HOT day here at Applecart. Sure the carts are great but MAN is it hot outside for February ! They could open up that swimming pool today and I would so be there.

To see what's been done in Applecart so far, go HERE:


Alright we're going to slow things down a bit for this next cart. Instead of having everything all done in one week we're going to spread tasks out a bit. For this particular cart in this order.

  1. Sprites and game appearance (due now, I finished mine all in just an hour)
  2. Movement of sprites and player (due 02-09-20)
  3. Menus and scoring (etc)
  4. Sound
  5. Cleanup and completion

The game is called PENSATE and was not just for Apple but other early computers. And you can find more information about HERE:


Here are the sprites and images I have put together so far for my version of this Applecart. Yours may be quite different:

So with this complete, you've still got time to doodle your own sprites as well as work out the movement for them.

If you check the original you will see that they do not move smoothly but jump in grid amounts, so movement should not be that difficult to program as they just jump from one quadrant to the next. You can do smooth movement if you want, not saying you can't.

That's all for today. Not too much to work on. Feel free to look over the initial post stating the rules and where to how for of it.

With that, here's hoping you will join in and I will see you next week with your results !

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:: dw817


I've got some family business to handle (Sunday 02-09-20) so I don't know if I'll have time to post today's Applecart, however I have all day tomorrow and can then.

If not today, will see you then.

The challenge last week was to make the graphics for PENSATE. This week, today, you should have the movement down for them including the player.

P#72937 2020-02-09 17:34

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