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Ive Seen People Change The Speed And Jump Height And One Of My Game Characters Jumps To High So It Can Skip The Level Easy Without The Obstacles How Can I Change The Speed And Jump Height?

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That's the tutorial about making custom characters, quotingfrom the last post of the topic:
"To set the speed, jump height and base weapon of a custom character, you can also supply 3 numbers after the "_char". They are:

speed (256 for the robot's speed)
jump height (256 for the robot's jump height)
base weapon (0 for nothing, 1 for peagun (the default), 2 for sword

For example: "_char 400 128 0" gives you a fast guy who can't jump very high and starts with no weapon."

Here you are

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Thank You Very Much I Will Remember It

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You have to write "_char" and the tree numbers (speed, jump and weapon) in the name of the first "sprite" of your character

Forgot to say that!

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