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There seem to be some bugs with the parsing of an escaped backslash:

So, two issues:

  1. The syntax highlighter doesn't stop parsing the line as a string if it encounters two backslashes in a row, although it will run without problems
  2. ...except when used as an argument to the ? shorthand function, which will give an error

It's not in the screenshot, but if there are any trailing characters after the double backslash, the syntax highlighter will be happy again.

P#61359 2019-01-30 19:17

I see this has been reported before, sorry: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3062

The ? behavior is probably new though.

P#61367 2019-01-30 21:25 ( Edited 2019-01-30 21:25)

Fixed in 0.1.12, thanks.

Fixed: preprocessor breaks on double slash in string s="\\"
P#63428 2019-04-12 06:02

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