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This is my first attempt at making a tower defense (-ish?) game. This project was influenced by my fondness for Rampart. Suggestions are welcome.

Blast your opponent's walls with missiles and then lead your small army to attack their base.

There are two phases between each round: 1) build phase and 2) attack phase.

1)During the build phase you can place walls (if you have any), pick up supplies, and steal rubble from your opponent's base from damage you inflicted during the previous attack phase.

2) In the attack phase you can fire missiles to take out opponent's walls, kill units not standing on a base. Also, in this phase you can direct your army to various locations on the map.

Helpful tips:
1) Pick up your rubble. If you don't then your opponent can. Rubble can be used to build new walls.

2) Don't have enough walls to defend your base? Leave your army at your base to take the damage instead. The only downside to this is that units used in this manner don't respawn during the next round.

3) Missiles can't damage units standing on a friendly base or to the base itself. You can't blow up your own walls (be careful where you place them!).

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