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The Growing Collection of Raspberry's...

And I Made One Into a Pi-Co

Except the only problem is...

I can't seem to figure out how to use get it online. It boots right into Pico 8, and was the simplest process I've ever followed for a Pi project. Not even any image writing, just pasting files onto the SD card, which was a first for me. The image/process I followed is here and it works amazingly otherwise. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to alter the boot code (which is open source and listed on Guillermo's github, link is on the same site I already linked to), I'd really appreciate the help!

(Ps, the history of magic book is my attempt at researching "real magic" to help bring some authenticity into an alternate history DND style campaign I'm working on. It is...actually pretty much a very dull book honestly, I was hoping it would be a bit different than it is.)

P#61270 2019-01-29 06:02

What type of Pi do you have? Are they Pi Zeros or Pi Zero W? Have you already connected it to the internet?
You may need to exit out of Pico-8 and go into raspi-config to sign into the WiFi. Pico-8 doesn't do that kind of stuff itself. Or I am misunderstanding the point of the question.

P#61327 2019-01-29 10:55

I can't tell from your images if you a USB Ethernet adapter hooked up or not. If not, try that first, pretty sure he left usb Ethernet enabled in the kernel.

WiFi will be a no-go without a new kernel build. Nor is there any rapi-config or any of the typical rapsbian stuff... it's a custom kernel with BusyBox running on top.

Now, if you rebuild his image and remove the shutdown.sh ref, you would be able to exit to a command line and mess around from there. See if it has the needed features or if you'll need to customize the kernel.

I don't know how active he is anymore for help with it, according to his twitter account he's been fighting a cancer that came back hard in November.

P#61333 2019-01-29 18:35

Okay, sorry for the lack of specifics on the hardware. (I thought the first picture with the Pi Zero's would imply but that really isn't a helpful photo, but that's my fault!)

In any case, I have since tried the software/image on 3 different setups, with only 1 successfully connecting to the internet.

1. Pi Zero W (Built in wifi card):

Not able to connect, as it boots straight to Pico-8 and I have no idea how to configure the pi with raspi-config as it is locked into Pico-8 and can't do anything else.

2. Pi Zero with an external wifi card:

Not able to connect, same story as above.

3. Pi Model A (Built in ethernet port):

Able to connect, as the direct line to the internet is apparently enough to make it work without any configuration.

What now?

That said, the model a is really really bad. Like so bad it chugs on some games even with just Pico-8 running. I'm going to try to keep looking for a way to customize the boot so I can try to pre-configure the wifi connection or something.

P#61340 2019-01-29 22:25

Can you press CTRL-ALT-F1? Does that bring you to the console. If it does then we can probably work from there.

P#61344 2019-01-30 00:05 ( Edited 2019-01-30 18:51)

Yeah, that image doesn't have WiFi enabled in the Kernel.

And to re-iterate: there is no raspi-config in that image. It's not based on raspbian at all.

In order to get WiFi working with PicoPi, you will need to get a new kernel and modify the BusyBox startup scripts to find and connect to a network. You'll have to get acclimated with Buildroot to do so.

Right now, PicoPi will automatically run a shutdown script once PICO-8 is closed (it runs the PICO-8 and shutdown scripts sequentially on startup, with the shutdown script waiting for PICO-8 to finish running), So anything that closes PICO-8 will cause the system to shutdown.

To change that behavior, you'll need to modify the inittab to remove the /sbin/poweroff call.

Note: I've been working on getting a version of PicoPi with the usb mass storage gadget module enabled, so I've had to muck around in buildroot quite a bit of late

P#61346 2019-01-30 03:31

I followed that same guide and I couldn't get it to work...

P#62537 2019-03-04 19:05

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