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Wow. PICO-8 is extremely fun to work with, and I'm so happy I stuck around to learn how to use it!

Right now I'm learning how to work with tables and 'objects' to sort of port a game I'm currently developing called HellHole. It's a top-down shooter where you choose between controlling your body or the bullet (which is your soul).

So far, I've managed to not slow down the game with a shit ton of instances and that makes me happy!

I'll leave you with a gif of the latest bit of progress: A spawner, soul particles, and screen-shake.

P#60209 2018-12-21 15:17


Saw this on Twitter. It looks fantastic! I love Pico-8 games that restict themselves on the colors they use.

P#60220 2018-12-21 21:33

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