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Ahaha, was digging through some ooooold game idea files I had. I figured I'd post this one up here see if anyone wanted to do anything with it. I think pico would make a great platform for it. Forgive the simplistic style, I was young and design docs weren't in my vocabulary yet.

I believe the idea was the game was meant to be some sort of endless runner.

You are a chicken.
You are running away and hiding from wolves.
Running uses stamina, so the wolves will eventually catch you.
Can collect feed to help raise stamina and lay eggs.
You can lay eggs to help slow them down, eggs may cost stamina?
You lay a random type of egg, with better ones being more rare.
Normal eggs make them slip past. (Yolks are slippery.)
Rotten eggs will ward them off. (Wolves are sensitive to smell.)
Birth eggs will leave a chick to slow them down. (Wolves love to eat babies.)
Mole holes will teleport you.
Farmer will chase the wolves. (Power-up.)
Some form of food. (Power-up Full Stamina recharge.)
Maybe a button for brief flight? (To help clear pits or avoid obstacles)
Flight would use more stamina.

Anyway, enjoy!

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:: dw817

Reading this description reminds me quite a bit of the Atari 2600 game, "Roadrunner."


You mentioned it was an endless runner ?

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