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Cart #56257 | 2018-09-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Remove all 28 squares from the board in a neverending series of calm, randomized puzzles set in a dystopian, cyberpunk world.

Patrick’s Cyberpunk Challenge is fun for all ages. Are you ready for the challenge?

The object of the game is to move Patrick around the game board and remove all 28 squares. Squares with coloured balls will remove extra squares and can make the game trickier. The games are randomly generated, but you can also create your own games or input game codes made by others.

This is a fanmade sequel to the 1998 freeware sensation Patrick's Challenge II by Reldni Productions, for the Cyberpunk-themed "So bad it's good" Jam 2018.

The puzzle codes are compatible with Patrick's Challenge II. You can also go to Reldni's website to find more codes and play hand-crafted Reldni puzzles.

You currently have to use the devkit mouse to place the objects in the correct squares manually, but I hope to have proper gamepad support soon so you can type in the codes. I also plan to add support for saving puzzles, so you can make your own (limited) run of puzzles to get a high score in.

P#54572 2018-08-01 09:40 ( Edited 2018-09-06 08:42)

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