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Hello !

Here are some suggestions for the editor :

New triggers :

  • Empty
  • NoSolid
    These 2 are set when a given box is filled only with empty voxels, or voxels that are not solid (you know, when an object has collapsed)

  • Filled
  • Solid
    These 2 are exactly the other way round : the event can be triggered (with the clock for example) of a given box if filled with voxels. Though to be fully usefull, we might be able to add a few triggers together for an object (with an AND or OR)

  • Score
    That event is triggered when the player reaches a given score. It could either be a total score (what is written to the top left of th screen), or the number of points earned in that room.

  • Set
  • Reset
    This is the possibility to Set a trigger (befor being set it will not act. It might be close to group though...) or Reset it (the trigger can be activated again, thus recreating the monster, objects once triggered again). This could be Set or Reset by another group

New "object" (a bit like actor, object and items) :

  • Camera.
    I have just noticed how cool it is the press "esc" in game and see the view change while the game is posed. It might be cool if we could place cameras and have the view switching to them as we are triggering events...
P#4486 2011-11-16 03:29


  1. A better multi-selection.
  2. Settings for appearing animation instead of an upward wipe (like sideways wipe :P)
    3.Making keys invisible for triggers inside of rooms.
P#4527 2011-11-16 20:44


These would be long-term imrpovements but here:
-Infinite map generation
-Multiplayer servers
-More things to do, quests, ability to create things on maps
-Minigames (multiplayer), games like where theres two bases on opposite sides of a level, and each side has to take the other base
-Ability to switch to first person view for a different experience

This game has amazing potential, I'm excited. :)

P#4894 2011-11-23 23:04


Special effects, triggered as any other event :

  • Snow melting :
    Every voxels from a specific color disappear. It either be done from top/down (on every column, the topmost voxel of that color disappears, then the second,...), or in a growing sphere (every moment, a bit further from the center). If it as a sphere, its maximum radius and speed can be changed.

  • Change color :
    Very similar, the voxels of a given color (in a specified sphere, or volume) will change their color. For example, they could be changed from green to black as if they had burned.

Those 2 features are different than adding or removing and object, because they would also work when we don't know what lies a specific area (has an object already been added, are there lots of destroyed voxels, has a shape collapsed,...)

Actually, both effects could be a single one with a key map for each voxel, that can be edited :
White -> disappears
Green -> (become) Black
Brown -> (become) Red or Orange (at random)
Pink -> Pink (keeping the same color would be the default setting)

  • Smoke :
    A source of voxels which move up and disappear (color, speed can be set, maybe also how straight they are flying, and potential direction simulating wind)

  • Fountain :
    Voxels being thrown from a place with gravity (so they move with a nice curve). They disappear when reaching the ground. Direction, speed, number of particles created, and color can be set

  • Flame :
    A variation from flame and mountain : the particles thrown disappear a little while after having been thrown (more at less at random, hovewer average life time and variation can be set). As an option some could be changed into Smoke or fountain particles when they die.
P#4910 2011-11-24 12:55


It would be neat if you could make stacks of items. For example a pyramid made out of apples.

P#5118 2011-12-05 14:34


You should also be able to attach objects to the ceiling (such as lights, stalactites)- without having to create an actual ceiling which obscures gameplay. It would work in the same way that things are attached to the floor, in that if you destroy the connection it will fall.

P#5121 2011-12-06 06:29


ZMaster, I understand it would fall upwards ?

P#5124 2011-12-06 11:04


I can't help but think that having a rendering implementation that ran more on the hardware (via opencl or such) rather than software might speed up the rendering a bit, but that may not help with how things are rendered now :S

P#5155 2011-12-08 01:01


The ability to load an image to take place of the grey checkers "floor" of the object editor.

I have no clue how hard such a thing to implement would be, but I could see it being helpful for people who make their own objects (if they used the image as a "blueprint" of sorts), and there are several times I've thought something like that would be nice.

P#5157 2011-12-08 02:35


Add a ruler.
Make a save so you can transfer builds (e.g. flowers that you made) from one world to another so you don't have to make them again.

More campaign needs to be added its to small as it is.

P#5276 2011-12-11 05:29


•Custom weapon editor
•Blunt force damage: For this type of damage, instead of just destroying the affected voxel, force passes through multiple voxels (diminishing with each) and there is a set chance to dislodge each voxel, depending on the strength of the material. This would allow for some materials to be weaker.

Dynamic materials:
•Fire: I assume this can be done with an emitter of non-solid voxels which disappear after a short range. Hurts living things, sets fire to wood (destroying the affected parts after a certain time).
•Electricity: Propagates through metal + water. Damages on contact. Could be supplied by a destructible or indestructible generator. There could also be technology such as lights, electronic doors, powered switches etc. which can be made to lose/gain power by breaking/establishing the connection. This would give a great feel of realism. a great expansion on this would be electronically powered enemies, such as turrets or robots. This would mean you could have levels where you need to find a way to deactivate an enemy to pass through. Such enemies could be made from metal (indestructible) to mean that breaking the circuit is the only way through.
•Water: Semi-transparent, non-solid but slows movement. Puts out fire.

Static materials:
•Granite: Indestructible stone, useful for crucial platforms for use in sequenced paths.
•Steel: Indestructible metal. Conducts electricity, so it can be used to hurt you when you touch it. (That way you could have switches you need to turn off before you can reach the exit.)
•Copper: Same as steel, but destructible. (allowing you to break connections)
•Rubber: Bullets bounce off it, but swords, bombs and blasters can destroy it.
•Stone: Same as the current default material.
•Glass: Transparent. Possibly breaks into chunks larger than one voxel to simulate shards?
•Wood: Flammable. Could be weaker than other materials (more susceptibility to the splash damage/blunt force I mentioned above )
•Sand/earth: Initially solid but collapses when you walk on it.
•multiple-voxel shapes: allows you to create larger static objects. Could behave in the same way as the current material, or it could be affected by gravity without shooting it. Could be pushed around by character/enemies/explosions? (i'm thinking pushable crates which could be made useful by addition of a pressure switch)

[There could be a "material editor" that allows you to choose between solid, liquid and gas (which have predefined states i.e solid is solid and affected by gravity, liquid is non-solid and affected by gravity and gas is non-solid and not affected by gravity.) and then allowing you to define appearance (colour, transparency etc.) and properties (such as damage, movement change, strength, flammability, destructibility, etc.)]

Rooms + camera:
•Rendering the whole level: Possibly "fade out" around the limits of the screen.
•adding custom backgrounds for the "void"
•Camera change: allowing it to be moved, changed into 3rd person or otherwise modified so there is a way to see behind walls.

P#5445 2011-12-22 09:06


Extended Adventure mode
A couple of new monsters and a boss
No more technical enhancements, or rather create a completely new game

P#5772 2012-01-22 18:45


Obdemnium is TOTALLY right!!!

P#5933 2012-02-20 00:28



P#9426 2014-12-11 05:10


well I did not know that this thread existed, if it was frequently updated maybe it would still be in the initial pages and the suggestion bucket wouldn't exist.

I also noticed a lot of suggestions long forgotten never to be made true and others that are now part of the core of the voxatron console.

now, what should happen to the suggestion bucket and this thread?

P#9433 2014-12-12 09:30


I like the Suggestion bucket.
I like buckets.
I want buckets.

P#9434 2014-12-12 09:37


Well, this is like a time travel to the very past of voxatron and its community...

P#9463 2014-12-16 05:05



P#9500 2014-12-30 11:05



P#9501 2014-12-30 11:08


Dear Zep: I am super excited for the appearance of the 3-D display that we've all seen bits of in video form. But as a corollary to that: would/could you consider porting some time later to that freaky-deeky Microsoft Hololens? I mean, seeing Voxatron 'rise' out of a table and being able to hunker down next to it -- or zoom down into it -- might be quite the something.

P#9601 2015-01-23 22:36


Any chance of a Oculus Rift DK2 view mode?

P#9852 2015-03-27 12:16

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