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I was absolutely ecstatic to see we can now run pico-8 headless. Working on that tiny canvas is really exciting for me to make some twitter bots or something!

The problem is, not really surprisingly, it isn't "truly" headless. That is to say running on a headless OS results in an expected SDL error.

I was wondering if anyone had any tricks to get it running headless. For my processing twitter bot I used... xvfb? That might work in this case but it's a bit of a faff and I was wondering if anyone has had any success using a different path to get headless headless mode.

P#45958 2017-11-07 04:16 ( Edited 2017-11-07 15:08)

Hi @candyleader, I recently got PICO-8 working with SDL without X11 for a PiTFT, I imagine you could get a framebuffer running with no actual output and have it work in a similar fashion:


This might also help, I figure if you can get it running in a framebuffer over SSH, you could also get your framebuffer running in a screen session and just keep it in the background:


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