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Anyone try this? I've tried on the old 3DS and it silently fails to load the canvas. Can someone give this a go? this would sell a new 3DS for me.

P#45460 2017-10-25 12:51 ( Edited 2017-10-25 19:28)

celeste got ported into smile basic, whoever did that would be the one to ask

P#45461 2017-10-25 13:39 ( Edited 2017-10-25 17:39)

I was thinking more of just navigating the system browser to someone's game, like on itch, and seeing if the game would run or not. The system has some html5 compatibility, so i was wondering if it would fire up the web version or not.

P#45463 2017-10-25 15:03 ( Edited 2017-10-25 19:03)

oh, then no the n3ds browser is just as ancient as the originals and nintendo has locked it down pretty hard because of some exploits(same reason switch has no native browser)

edit: just tested it and it doesnt work on n3dsxl or n2ds

P#45464 2017-10-25 15:08 ( Edited 2017-10-25 19:13)

thanks for checking. bummer to hear, but it was a super long shot anyway.

P#45466 2017-10-25 15:28 ( Edited 2017-10-25 19:28)

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