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Hey there!

It's been a while since the last PICOZINE came out, and I noticed people posting tutorials and examples on here. The problem is that it's so easy for that great content to get lost among all the activity.

So, to fill the hole and provide a place for people to learn about the PICO-8 and other fantasy consoles (LIKO-12, TIC-80, PV8, etc), in a more searchable, focused way, I've created a sort of digital blogzine for everyone to contribute to and post this stuff.

Check it out here! Infinite Limit

If you have something you'd like to share. write up a small article and send it to [email protected], or message me via twitter @InfiniteLimitZn!

I hope this is something the whole community can get behind!

Thanks :)

P#40547 2017-05-13 17:07 ( Edited 2017-05-13 22:05)

The link provided does not work :/
It says "file not found"

P#40551 2017-05-13 18:02 ( Edited 2017-05-13 22:02)

Fixed, sorry about that. Weirdly the BBS lets you make relative URLs.

EDIT: I wish this post could be sticky'd somehow so that people would be able to find it

P#40552 2017-05-13 18:05 ( Edited 2017-05-14 16:36)

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