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Try to land in the pad safely as many times as you can! Land slowly and avoid asteroids-- and don't go past the borders now, cowboy.

Left and right to move, Z to activate engine.

Small game based off of a Cartoon Network game back in the day.

Maybe a final version of a project that took too long. My first actual game and a really really fun game to make. After putting it aside for a couple of years, my programming got good enough so I could finish it. So here it is.

If there's any bugs, tell me in the comments!


ACTUAL asteroids! Plural! Now up to 5 asteroids can roam your screen. And oh god I re-did the whole code cuz it was a mess, and now it looks ooooh darn tootin'.

VERSION 0.3.1:

Took sprite rotation out just because it deforms it too much. Will have a design change soon so I'll probably make it functional in the final release.


Asteroids! Finally working but they don't separate, so there about 5 asteroids running like one.
Sprite Rotation! Really neat thing but for a sprite so tiny it deforms it a little too much, and I need to correlate the animations.


Mostly design changes:

Added sound effects to the boosters
SKY: Changed the color to black, added some star and a tiny lil earth
Rocket is now 16x16 and has better art
Pad is now 8x16 and has better(?) art
Lives instead of being a turned off ship are now tiny lil versions of it

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