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I am curious as to the devices that people use for portable play?

I am new to pico 8 and want a handheld console that I can take with me like a PSP. I saw an adafruit kit, the pigrrl zero, but doesn't exactly fit my needs and I am not very good with electronics.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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I came across the pocketchip but wasn't too sure with that keyboard. How is it?

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Not sure, I don't have one (I REEEAAALLY want one though). Maybe someone else could chime in on that. I have seen a few people who have posted games (mighty good ones, too) that they said they developed 100% on the PocketCHIP. Whether they used an external keyboard with it or not though, I don't know.

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Yea, as a pocketchip owner I must say the keyboard straight out of the box isn't perfect.
The keys just aren't really made for holding down (like moving) or repetitive clicking (like shooting).
Remapping the controls to different keys with keyconfig can help, though.
And there's also lots of case mods out there like this one for example.
Though I can't necessarily vouch for the quality of any of them, as I don't (yet) have a 3d printer.

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You can also make or purchase a Raspberry Pi gizmo (2, 3, and Zero have built-in WiFi, so network setup is a snap and it's easy to load/copy your P8s between it and a PC), and utilize that.

If you're using the PocketCHIP to code, it takes a little getting used to stuff like "Shift + . = ," but it's easily doable, and once your touch screen is calibrated, it's a blast to develop in. But if you're going to use it to play PICO-8, keep a pen or pencil handy (to kickstand it), and use an external controller of some kind.

SNES-standard stuff like the iBuffalo controller are about $10 each and have more than enough buttons. You'll want to use your PC to do padconfig, and then copy that to your Pi or PocketCHIP, though.

One fine example (Pi and kit sold seperately):

Here's another:

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The PocketChip keyboard is usable for typing and OK for playing games. Don't worry about it being unusable.

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I have a PocketCHIP and the keyboard is the only real "flaw" in that thing - especially the arrows keys. Despite the PocketCHIP being marketed for gaming, the keyboard (and even form factor) does not lend itself to gaming.

Yes, you can use external controllers and that does work great. I had a bezel d-pad printed locally and it made all the difference in the world. Turned my PocketCHIP into a viable gaming device.


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