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You can activate a Keyboard Cursor with F10, now you can move around the mouse cursor with the directional keys and have the right mouse button on space.

The question is, where is the left mouse button and how can one set that to other keys?
I would find it rather nice being able to work in Pico8 with just the keyboard. :)

P#31915 2016-10-27 18:44 ( Edited 2016-10-27 23:24)


(z/x) are left and right button. Space is btn3 (scroll click)

A working gamepad might also work, I'll try it when I get home.

P#31916 2016-10-27 18:51 ( Edited 2016-10-27 22:52)

quote are left and right button. Space is btn3 (scroll click) [/quote]
Really? Um, yeah. Now i feel stupid. ^.^'

Thanks anyway, this will help greatly too when i want to use Pico8 with my Windows Tablet and the onscreen keyboard. Trying to pixelpush with touch is not that great.

BTW: One little mysterium with this forum here, why does the whole server block me for like 5 minutes after posting something?

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Don't know if it helps, but once every couple months the forum slowly forgets my password. (pretends it's wrong, reload makes the login go through) If I go and change my password to the same thing, it works normally again.

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