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I just participated in the LowRezJam and since the theme was making a game in 64x64 resolution I though the PICO8 would be perfect for this.

I would like to share the game that I created for the jam with everybody here.

We must play the fox is a simple stealth game about Foxy a cute fox that loves eggs. He has to take as many as he can before being noticed by the chickens.

The map is procedurally generated so every time you play it will be different.

The game has developed by 4 people:

  • misato, mapedorr - developers
  • robrechtJ - developer and game art
  • milesgordon - music and fx

Take in account that it is not finished yet. This is as much as we could develop in the time of the jam. It is playable but there could be bugs and it lacks some functionality that we though about but we didn't have time to implement.

This is our very first time doing something for the PICO8. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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