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Cart #whatgoesup-1 | 2024-05-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A simple but very annoying platformer. Arrows to move and double-jump. No checkpoints, watch out for obstacles near the end.

Platformer code provided by https://nerdyteachers.com/Explain/Platformer/.
Inspired by https://help.gimkit.com/en/article/dont-look-down-1qptbif/.
Adaptive music implemented from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDizZJM9I6Y.

Note: I haven't beaten it, but I have done each jump individually. Completing the entire map could take a very long time.

P#148388 2024-05-14 14:37


ngl i absolutely hate this XD

P#148582 2024-05-18 12:08

Are you sure you did this jump to the right ? I must have tried 50 times before giving up.

P#148848 2024-05-23 12:45

It is possible. See the following video for a demonstration:

P#148854 2024-05-23 16:19

i see, you must not hit the wall to keep horizontal momentum. That’s absolutely horrifying, given where you’ll land if you fail ! I E below the tower with the notched that is a horrible pain to climb.

P#148860 2024-05-23 18:15

After falling maybe 50 times I finally made it up here. Great game for whenever I wanna feel every itch at once.

P#148866 2024-05-23 20:05

@Verb, when I fail my jump, that’s where I land, and now that I know I mustn’t hit the wall, I’ll likely fall to the left of it 🥵

P#148868 2024-05-23 20:12

@EliS, I reached the top right corner of the map... Instant death tiles, really ! I'm so modding this with checkpoints and/or sands of time.

P#149126 2024-05-29 15:21

That's fair, I'm not sure it's possible without checkpoints. The last few jumps are hard enough without getting sent to the start after a single mistake.

P#149141 2024-05-29 20:36

Cart #tigufoyipa-0 | 2024-06-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

When not moving, press down to set the check-point to your current location, or after falling or burning, press up to warp to the checkpoint...

P#149572 2024-06-07 08:40

Looks good. I was actually able to beat the game with this.

P#149579 2024-06-07 13:24

8 mn is impressive. I should have added a flag count, warp count and burn count to the final stats. I think I spent a good 5mn on the final down left jump. After reaching top right, I placed a checkpoint after every single jump. To think that every single failed jump is supposed to be game over !!!

P#149592 2024-06-07 16:17

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