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Star Trader's Luck

A digital dice game for 1-4 players

Hi all, I discovered Pico-8 about a week ago and after trying it out decided it was best to just develop something as I learn... So I took an old dice game I created way back and programmed a digital version with some animations and music to accompany.

It uses your "typical" roll and re-roll dice mechanic, keeping at least one die each roll. In this case dice represent goods on a planet and the price for each good depends on the amount (supply) in that planet. You can travel to different sized planets and using the optional (and experimental) "Economy" rules, you can also choose between different types of planets that have different sets of dice. These new rules I came up with just now and might need to be adjusted...

The rules (and a print and play version of the game) are available on BGG but the cart includes a short (and hard to read) summary... The game is pretty easy to pick up and play and will guide you through your turn...

You can play solo and try to beat your highscore or play with up to 4 players. Actions take "days" to complete and the next player to play is always the one with the most days left. There's a mechanic where you can choose to go to the same planet the player before you went (with no re-rolls) by spending one more day to travel.

The code is pretty messy and I'm not sure I'll ever clean it up... it could also be more efficient but I did this on the Pico-8 editor learning while programming, so... But as far as I can tell it does work...

Any comments or bug reports are welcomed and I'll try to address them quickly...

Edit: New version fixing a few bugs

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The game is really good
My best

P#142269 2024-03-01 16:40

Is that with 20 days and standard rules? That's a good one indeed!

P#142320 2024-03-02 14:27

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