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I don't know if it is convenient to ask for keyboard input in PICO-9 so we could have micro adventures with parser input, old adventure text games so we should enter actions in this way:


What do you think ZEP and people? Would it be contrary for the nature of the fantasy console?

P#13469 2015-09-01 06:14 ( Edited 2015-09-01 22:39)

How would you map joystick then? There's hardly any configuration easier than arrows+z/x to operate when you don't have gamepad.

P#13472 2015-09-01 06:27 ( Edited 2015-09-01 10:27)

if they are not mutually exclusive, it would be no problem

P#13505 2015-09-01 15:03 ( Edited 2015-09-01 19:03)

It would be a Pico-8 Micro Computer then.
However, even some pure consoles had keyboards.
Dreamcast had one. As did the Gamecube.
And there were keyboards for PS2 and xBoxes as well.

If Pico-8 gets a keyboard support, I'll start churning out little demakes of typing games. Like Typing of the Dead.

Btw, the Gamecube keyboard looks awesome.

P#13514 2015-09-01 18:39 ( Edited 2015-09-01 22:39)

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