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Cart #quantanamo-0 | 2023-09-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA
###This was originally created for the 2023 4MB Game Jam which had the theme "Quantum Jump"!

This version has been given a few additional quality of life features and polishes to make it more of a game and less of a tech demo. Only one level though because I was shortsighted coding my transitions and I'm finally acknowledging to myself that I don't want to refactor this further. If you're dying for more magic flying squirrel in space action though, let me know and maybe I'll dust it back off!

Basic Controls

X - Launches from gravity wells, or tuck in his wings to fall faster. Press x to start the game.

Left and Right arrow keys - Move while mid-air

The Story

One day, Radical Ricki the flying squirrel was chilling at the beach when some totally heinous space time cops showed up and were all like "You're under arrest for disturbances to the space time continuum".

"That sounds like me big time... but I'm not gonna do the time, ya dig?" Ricki shot back.

Ricki tried to cheese it but the space fuzz hella outnumbered him. It was not bodacious in the slightest.

"There's only one place we can take a warped criminal like you. We're throwing you in Quantanamo, the space time prison."

Little did they know that Ricki had a plan, and like some space time magic fueled by acorns. Understandable to miss that, really.

How to Play

To escape, Ricki needs to collect all 8 yellow Qcorns (Quantum acorns) scattered through the prison; they're charged with radioactive power! Collecting them all will let him make a quantum tunnel that takes him right out of jail and into freedom. Probably.

There are blue spiraling gravity wells throughout the prison that Ricki created with his space-time shenanigans. He can cling to the side of these and launch off of them to travel around! Press x to let go of a gravity well and Ricki will travel in the direction his head is pointing. For instance, if you let go when on the right side of a well, your momentum will send you straight upwards.

Of course, not every launch goes to plan. Luckily Ricki's can glide through the air with the left and right arrow keys, so you can adjust where you are going in mid air.

After you have all 8 Qcorns, head to the top of the stage where your escape portal is waiting for you. Make it to the middle and you win!


  • Hold x in mid-air and you'll tuck your wings in and fall faster. Helpful if you're impatient!
  • Falling into the uhhhh "space water" will cause you to respawn at the start. You don't have a limit on lives, so dive right in!
P#134006 2023-09-07 01:31 ( Edited 2023-09-07 01:37)

This was fun and polished but very short.
This has a lot of potential to be expanded with more mechanics and levels and I’d love to see it continued!

P#134021 2023-09-07 14:33

mechanics are very unique and fun! it was very smooth to control like butter. i wish it would have more levels but overall, great game!

P#134046 2023-09-08 10:19

this is so cool!!!!

P#134578 2023-09-19 10:50

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