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Hi, I love pico8 and have the official version, I managed to do a small workshop at work to make other people as excited as I am developing games. I have build some steps and would like to let the other people make a small game in pico-8

As I have a lot of example code/sprites to copy and paste ( and hopefully sprites to ), I noticed somewhat flaky behaviour. First time copy paste seems to work, after that no more. pico8-edu pastes the old content, and I can't copy new content.

I have tried safari, chrome and firefox.. I'm on a macbook. Are there other windows/linux people who also have this bug on the edu version?

On reddit someone else posted the same issue.. https://www.reddit.com/r/pico8/comments/118azhk/copy_and_paste_not_working/

Hope this could be fixed since you run very quickly into this problem

kind regards, a pico8 fan

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I'm on Firefox 110 on Linux and copy-paste works as expected for me. I tried repeating what the person on Reddit said (copy some text, highlight some different text, hit Ctrl-V) and it replaced the highlighted text with what I had copied. Then I highlighted a different piece of text and hit Ctrl-V and that text was also replaced with what I had copied in step 1.

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