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Cart #lastxmastree-0 | 2022-12-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Game jam entry: This game was created for the 2022 Toy Box Jam. This is game is not feature complete nor was it really playtested. It's a jam entry so take what you get :)

Grinches have destroyed all but one Christmas tree. You must help the elves save the last Christmas tree!

This is tower defense game where you can move blue tosser elves into any position while you also have to use the red scout elf to dig up snow and keep the tossers stocked with snowballs.


  • D-pad to move the red scout elf and blue tosser elves
  • When red scout, hold X button to move quicker under the snow
  • When red scout, press O button to dig up snow. When your snow is full, return it to the North Pole so it can be made into snowballs.
  • When scout, press X button when you're near a blue tosser elf to take control of the tosser. Move the tosser into position and press X again to place him and switch back to the scout elf.

Tosser elves will attack automatically when the grinches are in range. The squares you dig up will slow the grinches down but those grass spots will get covered with snow after some time.

Green grinches are faster but weak. Red grinches are slower but stronger.

If a grinch reaches the Christmas tree it will attack until he dies. The Christmas tree has 100 health points. If it reaches zero, Christmas is lost forever.

There are 10 waves and that's about it. I didn't have time to add any sort of final boss or anything like that...I might go back. I also would have liked to add in more upgrades and things that would have made the strategy a little more...uh...strategic. But I'm happy and surprised I was able to get something this playable in a very short amount of time. All in all, I probably spent about a week on this one, and that was over holidays with lots of distractions :)

Overall, the concept of snow and snowballs for a tower defense game I thought was interesting. Since the snow can be the obstacle AND the ammo, that seemed like something to have fun with as far as resource management is concerned.

P#123359 2022-12-31 16:09

A lot of independent action for a tower defense, @morningtoast, at least for me.

Here now is my absolute favorite Tower Defense of all time.


Pause the video if you like as instructions stated to the player in the video pressed keys rapidly not give you much time to read them. Despite the complexity of this game I picked it up rather rapidly and play it even to today.

The advantage of this game is you have a reasonable timer between levels as you decide what to upgrade and add, like 20-seconds. Then when the enemies arrive, just sit back and watch your towers decimate the enemies with no need to restock them during raids or press any keys. You can of course but if you did your work well you won't need to.

You also might be interested in "The Grinch" for the Gameboy Color. The way snowballs from the enemies are hurled at the Grinch and the above-board cute graphics used for such a small resolution.


P#123375 2022-12-31 19:48 ( Edited 2022-12-31 19:52)

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