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// Promo video by m7kenji with music by Kyohei Fujita

Shibuya Pixel Art 2020 is accepting submissions until the end of June, and this year there is a new category for 128x128 games! Lexaloffle is sponsoring the game category with a prize (a Picade Cabinet), and by offering a limited number of PICO-8 licenses to participants.

Similar to a game jam, entries should be based on one or more of the following themes: Shibuya, AI, Humanity, Game and/or Landscape. Unlike typical game jams, existing work can be adapted or reused, as long as it did not win a previous contest. You can find previous winning entries for 2018 and 2019.

To enter: simply post the image on twitter or instagram with the hashtag: #shibuyapixelart2020. It is possible to submit more than one entry. For game submissions, post an image of the titlescreen along with a link to the playable game (this BBS / itch.io etc). I suppose for images you'd also want to post a link to the original non-compressed version if needed. Also note that previous years' selections also included gifs/mp4s that also work as still images.

Apart from a Grand Prize (300k yen + a Wacom tablet), there are also 4 special category awards for: Limited Pixel Art, Analogue Pixel Art, Beyond Pixel Art and Pixel Art Game. Winning entries are announced in early August, with an exhibition and awards ceremony in September. But you don't need to be in Japan to enter!

For more information, and to read the full terms & conditions of entries, please visit the official contest homepage: https://pixel-art.jp/ (there is an automatic English translation button near the top of the main content).

UPDATE: I'm not sure if there are restrictions on team projects yet, but will update this thread with any news.

SHIBUYA GIRLS by @yacoyon 2019

生まれ変わる町 by @m7kenji 2019

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I like to visit such exhibitions and conferences. Art is my passion, starting from fine art to pixel. I think such events as Shibuya Pixel Art allow expressing yourself and make new valuable acquaintances.

P#122805 2022-12-21 13:22

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