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Hey guys.

Yeah, I'm actually back again after 2 years or less...and I've been busy. Like super busy. I've had several projects, most of which aren't even related to Pico-8, but nevertheless hard work. Also, IRL has been a rollercoaster too, but I have little time to explain everything.

Anyway, I do have a Pico-8 shmup game in the work. I can't really post it here yet until I'm actually satisfied with it. I can give one thing though: I think I finally got the problem-solving part of programming down somewhat.

In case if you haven't noticed by the change of profile settings, I have an itch.io account now. It's cheez26. Check it out sometime. I even released a non-Pico8 project on there. Also, I've pretty much abandoned Twitter at this point, so don't bother with that tbh.

To put it simply, keep an eye out for a new Pico-8 game on here and maybe itch.io.
If you've been following me here, good job. You're more patient than me. Thanks for that.

Anyway, see y'all later.

a.k.a. ScorchWare

P.S.: Someday, I'll have to change my profile name on here too. I'm definitely changing my pic later though. ;)

P#117604 2022-09-18 06:58

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