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The reason i am asking for this is several.

Most dev boards allow serial communication, the mighty serial port has stood the test of time.

I tend to mess about with loads of electronics and having access to a serial port from within pico-8 would be prenominal for robotics and making multiplayer games over serial work even if it only at a low emulated transfer rate.

I have linux machines that run pico-8 along with the logic for other gadgets but it makes me dependent or a raspberry pi and that does not have enough kick for my needs to gets stuff done so.
I run atom or zen chipsets with a modded build of windows as I tend to prefer the environment over linux, however this causes me to have to use some messy cabling and running 2 pieces of hardware to kill one rabbit and the needing to use hax for this pi to pass thru the laptop. it's not pretty.

Open CV alone tilts a pi and i cant afford chip for acceleration so i run my code for CV on a laptop chipset's gpu, something the pi can't do at a good speed without dying.

Honestly would understand fully if the developer feels that people will be breaking pico-8 if they could locally access com ports on pc's, it honestly should not be too hard to add.

Just allow a user to append a object to sync on the other side and then the host sends the updated object "table" across keeping it simple enough to use for most users.

Mostly be planning 2 case uses for this, controlling electronics without a raspberry pi and serial local over com gameplay.

There is a simple design for a usb>com to com>usb host cable most can make cheaply at home for this.
And am will to take on any responsibilities assisting users with debugging.

I hope that Lexaoffle will consider my idea if not today some time somewhere in the future.
Thank you for reading.

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serial to local server to network is how it can be done today.

not as ‘simple’ as direct to physical serial but allows local testing or even LAN communications.
see: https://github.com/freds72/pico8-net

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:: Xeonic

thanks 10/10

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