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Edit: Beta is now closed and the final game is now here

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I've been kicking around the Pico-8 community for about a year now creating games under NerdOfGamers/RyanCavendell (depending on where you might frequent). I'm currently trying to set up the infrastructure to automate a community game jam using Lexaloffle's Edu version. So I'm looking for sign-ups for the Beta to make sure all the automated systems are working in real life as I'm anticipating potential problems (already done testing myself and seems stable but that will only go so far).

If you want to make a small game together with the community and help beta test this then the sign-up form is here > https://forms.gle/dzwgUiGXGebsnhTd7 < with text from sign-up form below


Everyone taking part has a turn in generating a game together using Lexaloffle's web-based Pico-8 Education version (https://www.pico-8-edu.com/). At the end of the project the final game will be published to Itch.io for free, under the unlicense and creative commons attribution v4.0 international licenses, in HTML5 format and all URLs generated during the project will be publicly and freely shared. There is a limit of 2040 characters across all code, graphics, and audio so use them wisely!


  • A random person is drawn to start the project, with each developer taking random turns
  • The latest URL will be sent to the current developer who then has 24 hours to complete 1 hour of development before sending an update via their emailed response copy
  • When a new URL is submitted by the current developer it immediately sends the latest URL to the next developer
  • If for some reason an update is not received within 24 hours the developer will be marked as being finished and latest URL will be passed to the next developer
  • Once the last developer has finished the project will automatically stop
  • I'm currently unable to re-add skipped developers, so for now submit a fresh from and you'll re-entered and eligible to have a turn again


  • Once your 1 hour of dev time is up, use "save @url" command (this will update the URL)
  • Open up your response email, click on "edit response" button at the top of the page
  • Copy and paste the URL into the Pico-8 Edu URL and click "Submit"
P#111376 2022-05-06 09:18 ( Edited 2022-05-29 13:11)

We've ended up with 12 people signing up for the beta, currently 4 people have done their 1 hour dev time with this as the current game so far: https://t.co/VTZ6umu9Xj

P#111877 2022-05-16 08:50

So everyone who joined have had their time, this was the final game: https://t.co/SiRhWnNpLs

P#112418 2022-05-28 18:59

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