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Cart #dashanddoge-6 | 2022-04-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Pretty self-explanatory

How to play

Press ❎ to dash and smash the shards. If you smash a shard with matching color you get a point otherwise you lose a life.

As you play some items will spawn like:

  • Heart
  • God mode
  • Doubler

Some enemies will also spawn and shoot bullets at you so you have to dodge the bullets and smash those enemies too

About this game

Dash&Doge is my first PICO-8 game. I started this project to try to make a new game mechanic that is fun to play, although I don't know if I succeed or not. Because this was my first time making a game in PICO-8 the code is little messy

Update 1.1

  • Fixed the name in the main menu
  • Fixed enemy bullet collation that was making the game impossible to play

Update 1.2

  • Fixed grammar
P#111090 2022-04-30 05:38 ( Edited 2022-04-30 15:00)


Wow! Very fun I got 113.

P#111098 2022-04-30 12:12

Very nice game for a first project!

It's amusing to see that someone else decided on a game with a dashing mechanic that uses simple red and blue geometric shapes as their first work! :D

I only got 17 points, but I'll definitely try again sometime! :)

P#111107 2022-04-30 15:44

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