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Birds + guns.
It doesn't get better than that.

P#110520 2022-04-19 20:11

This is by far the most impressive Pico-8 cart I've ever played. Just incredible everything

P#110787 2022-04-24 17:28

I never knew what I was missing. Very good job to all the devs who helped.

P#110916 2022-04-27 01:04

This game is slick as heck. Love the pun-heavy intro/instructions btw. Looks like someone had fun with that.

P#118116 2022-09-28 16:29

My favorite game

P#120160 2022-11-05 18:51

Was so excited getting past the last cart, but running outta ammo on the boss fight, with all of my resources not being enough to kill him, was so disappointing.

P#120512 2022-11-11 22:18

@CrownDeluxe aw, that sucks! Definitely something we should've considered. Hope you had fun at least!

P#120513 2022-11-11 22:28

Yeah, it was a blast! Thanks for the really cool, well designed cart!

P#120717 2022-11-14 20:33

This was a blast; thanks for sharing!

P#123271 2022-12-30 02:31

The only thing I wish this game would have is a zebra finch and a canary bird. It would be like looking into my birds dreams.

P#126714 2023-03-07 14:38 ( Edited 2023-03-07 14:42)

birds with guns birds with guns
easy does it easy does it

P#134027 2023-09-07 16:40

my mouse needs to go into turbo or else these waddle dee looking bois are gonna kill me also: WHY DOES THE DUCK HAVE A FLAMETHROWER

P#134202 2023-09-12 00:23

@Gabe_8_bit fellow aroace? i am asking because kirbo is holdin the aroace flag

P#134203 2023-09-12 00:25

@WoopyBoiii yup, always good to see a fellow aroace

P#134230 2023-09-12 19:10

@Gabe_8_bit yes and also how do you get that little pfp? I'm guessing you take a screenshot of a sprite right?

P#134233 2023-09-12 19:44

@Gabe_8_bit can you make a wooper version of your pfp? I can't draw it.

Edit: Nvm I got it

P#134236 2023-09-12 21:57 ( Edited 2023-09-12 22:11)

Add the american robin for all my homies in connecticut.

Day 1 of posting american robin picture until it is added.

P#134398 2023-09-15 16:40 ( Edited 2023-09-15 18:39)
P#134528 2023-09-18 12:43 ( Edited 2023-09-18 17:54)
P#134582 2023-09-19 13:03

1 comentario brasileiro

P#134882 2023-09-25 19:04

The machine gun looks like the Thompson sub-machine gun.

P#140221 2024-01-16 19:18

Why does the Penguin start with 2 out of 15 health?

P#140275 2024-01-17 17:44

@Hell_Cat There's a pretty funny story about why: during development we experimented with having different stats for different birds, but ended up scrapping the idea by commenting out the responsible code. Fast forward like a year or so, and zep released an update to PICO-8 making changes to multi-line comments, accidentally breaking this game. So he volunteers to fix the game but by doing so he accidentally uncommented our previously commented out code, and that's why penguin starts with 2/15 health, the idea was that some birds were harder (in the case of penguin he has high max HP but you have to earn it)

P#140299 2024-01-18 12:39 ( Edited 2024-01-18 12:40)

This is the best of games.

P#140317 2024-01-18 22:56

so hard

P#140693 2024-01-27 10:24

good job , this is the best game in pico-8 , 5 stars for you

P#141951 2024-02-25 17:28

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