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I was wondering if there is an un-official features manual lying around somewhere. It seems like each release of pico 8 brings it's lots of new undocumented features and it's really hard to keep track when you don't use pico8 for some time...

So I was just hoping to have a manual extension lying around somewhere telling us about those and all the memory peek switches and such... Does it exists?


P#110474 2022-04-19 12:12


Check out the wiki. I did a quick Google, it doesn't have a page when searching up "serial pico8 wiki", but there's also audio file playback available, as demonstrated here.

P#110501 2022-04-19 16:30


P#110506 2022-04-19 17:06

See the articles for Memory and Stat in particular.

There's an Internal API Functions page started, and a corresponding Undocumented API category. I don't know how complete or up to date those are.

P#110507 2022-04-19 17:11

These links are great, thanks for sharing them!

P#110510 2022-04-19 17:21

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