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What is it about?

Juicy Fruits is a game about getting as many fruits as you can before dying. You select your character
and jump into the world to dodge pesky ants
and feast on delicious fruits

How do I play?

In the menu for Juicy Fruits you use the left and right arrow keys to select your character and X to start the game.
In the game part of Juicy Fruits you must use all arrow keys to move around and X to use your ability.
You will gain 100 score for every fruit you get. If you touch an ant you lose 1,000 score (10 fruits) and if your score goes negative you die.
Your current score is displayed in brown at the top left corner with your hi-score. (the purple number)
Every 1,000 score you speed up a little bit, making the game harder.

Anything else?

This is my first game, so feedback would be helpful. :)

P#107267 2022-02-19 21:58 ( Edited 2022-03-17 10:41)

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Not sure why this game doesn't have more love. Quite a bit of work you've done in here, @noSpaces102. Interesting premise to have not just vertical enemies but in higher levels horizontal.

I would auto-save the game every time the player adds to their score. I played and got 2100 points and forgot to save so the next time I played I didn't get a bonus.

In any case, I like this game. I like that it gets faster when it gets harder, just like old-school arcade games. Gold star effort.

P#107671 2022-02-26 01:27

It should save your score unless you exited the game before you died or pressed C.

P#109523 2022-04-01 16:49

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