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Unfortunately the Web player doesn't work. I'm using version 0.3.6 (the only one downloadable). Don't know if that could be the problem.
It looks like the issue is present in all the Voxatron carts posts.
Hope they will fix it soon.

Cart #ftatihno-9 | 2022-01-31 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#105996 2022-01-31 00:47 ( Edited 2022-01-31 10:43)

Can you say a little about the game?

I cleared the first room and got a nice score screen (are these text effects custom or built-in?), but I’m not sure what happened ;-)

P#106565 2022-02-08 19:57

Hi merwok, first of all thanks a lot for playing this game.
This is my first attempt with Voxatron, I decided to use it for the last Global Game Jam, starting from scratch. I had 48 hours to make a game.
Here you can find more info about the game:

The theme of the jam this year was "Duality", so I chose to do something related to covid19 tests: positive or negative?
You are a swab inside a nostril. Avoid the boogers (they can destroy you) and the C19 cells, but collect all the mucus (the small yellow dots) to make the test valid.
The Room Clear and the final score screen are built in.
Since I'm not expert of Voxatron and there's lack of docs, this is what I was able to do in 48h.
At the moment I'm deep diving in the BBS to find out how to implement a proper game loop and a custom Start screen and Final screen (based on real score).
The main difficult is that I'm using a new version of Voxatron (the only one I could download 0.3.6), while all the tutorials are about older versions that look like slight (or not so slight) different.

Maybe you can help me on this?
I saw all the videos from digital monkey and checked the stuff published by zep.
What surprise me a lot is that there is no mention of the 0.3.6 version and the docs weren't updated, and the web player is not working too.
Hope they could find some time to fix everything.
I think it worths a lot. The tool is so interesting.

P#106593 2022-02-09 13:39 ( Edited 2022-02-09 13:40)

I think many tutorials were written before vox 0.3.5 that brought back multiple ideas from pico8! The release post may help see what’s new: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=32743

Which docs have you checked? The two docs listed in https://www.lexaloffle.com/voxatron.php?page=resources are for 0.3.5b, so pretty current! 0.3.6 was a list of small changes, it’s 0.3.5 that was a big rework. I haven’t found a release post but you can find what was added in zep’s tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=from%3Alexaloffle%20%23voxatron&src=typed_query&f=live (beware, 0.3.6b is the next release after 0.3.6).

P#106600 2022-02-09 14:44

Thanks again.
I already checked the first 2 links. I'm starting to follow zep tweets as well.
And yes, you're right: docs about 0.3.5 are quite aligned with 0.3.6, but I cannot be sure since there isn't any clue :D just try and fail ;)

I'm very interested to the script part and looks like in the 0.3.6 there is no way to access to the internal objects. I noticed there is an hidden script to change rooms (cannot find the tutorial at the moment, but for sure it's used here https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=2903).
However I found a way using set_room(id) command. Very useful to implement a Title screen.
Maybe you have some info about internal objects?

P#106602 2022-02-09 15:47 ( Edited 2022-02-09 15:48)

I had heard about the set_room function here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=42706

Inspecting strings in the voxatron binary finds these names:

(maybe internal names)
(public API functions below)

… and _update120 for 120 fps games!

P#106626 2022-02-09 22:44 ( Edited 2022-02-09 22:44)

Yes, this is exactly where I found the set_room() method.

You are very kind. Thanks a lot for all the info.
Hope I can drop some update soon.

P#106658 2022-02-10 14:40

Glad to help! I haven’t yet taken the time to follow the tutorials properly and build up a game, but I have enjoyed playing many of them and really like the potential of the console.

Are the text effects in the score screen something you programmed, or they are provided by voxatron out of the box?

P#106660 2022-02-10 16:26

The score screen is provided as is.
It works just because I set the last door as World Goal

At last you'll have a sort of automatic report. The score is due to the fact that yellow dots give you a +1 and the C19 cells give you a -5

P#106666 2022-02-10 18:32

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