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Cart #langtons_ant-0 | 2022-02-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

I was bored and made a Langton's ant, after quick success, I decided to try to make it more complicated by following the more advanced rules by Greg Turk and Jim Propp. Which allows for more colors. There is also a rule editor by pressing "Z".

P#106457 2022-02-06 20:45 ( Edited 2022-02-06 20:46)

Witch: "Can you make me a gingerbread house with candy canes ?"

Ant: "No problem !"

An interesting twist on an old method, @Lahat. Definitely deserving of Gold Star.

P#106473 2022-02-07 03:33

Thanks @dw817. I just implemented it, this version of Langton's ant isn't mine, Greg Turk and Jim Propp made it as well with a proof about why some rules create symmetry. Sadly that proof is behind a paywall, (which is a good excuse, because chances are I wouldn't understand it).

Also, using pget and pset makes is easy and fun to play with cellular automatons.

P#106487 2022-02-07 10:00

Oh yes, with PGET and PSET you can move the world, @Lahat, provided you can cover the CPU for it. :)


P#106504 2022-02-07 17:01

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