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Cart #10420 | 2015-05-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P1: Arrows to move, action buttons to change height
P2: Same with p2 controls, but need to press P2 Action to enable split screen.

Just a quick demo, I'm going to try implementing simple spherical collision to see if I can make a reasonable racing game using the space available. Right now the engine uses half of the available code space, but a lot of this is actually the mat4 and vec3 functions, so it should be reusable for game logic. Some unnecessary things are even in there, like text drawing and sprite drawing.

Specific places that need improving are the clipping function (hilariously long lines) and maybe some optimisation on the tri filler (use memset?)

I have an obj converter script, but it doesn't have a frontend and things are quite complex to get the data into the cart... so I'll make a tool for this separate.

The scene used was made in blender and has 196 triangles. That should give an indication of where the limits are, but visually it could look better as I'm wasting a ton of triangles in the small torus. And also all the colours are completely random.

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