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A little game about a chameleon that digs up graves.

movement : up/down/left/right 
fire tongue : z
dig : x

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if you want to check out the source it's at.


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:: Jauq

I think this is a cool little game, I would like to ask how do I collect the tresure, because even though I dig it up it doesn't count it (is there a special collect button i don't know about)

Also I found some bugs:
+When I was killed by an enemy I had 450 points and I started back at the begining with that same amount of points, and when I collected 150 more it made my total 600, so it seems points are not loyal to death (unless its supposed to do that).
+The first round I played there were random colors underneath the tombstones, after I died they were all gone.

Suggestions I have:
+Maybe make a way to easily rotate self without moving (unless that is part of the challenge, in which case I am cool with it).

Anyway its still cooler then anything I can make in Pico-8 (I have no coding experience).

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