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For some time now I have been thinking about making a large 128x128 LED Display for the PICO-8 and finally I did it.

What i used for this project:

Selected pixel panel is well assembled, it is easy to arrange all Raspberry PI guts inside case, but:

  • It has a pre-installed LED matrix controller, but it is not required for this project, so this is an extra cost
  • 16 pin cables too short to daisy chain 2 matrices for use with RGB Matrix HAT
  • For now I don`t understand if its possible to draw enough power from pixel panel unit to drive Raspberry PI so I have to use a separate type-c power adapter for it

For displaying PICO-8 on LED screen i wrote simple C++ program and couple bash scripts, you can find them on github: https://github.com/jenissimo/pico8-led

If you want to make such a screen yourself - feel free to ask questions :)

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Very cool!

P#100953 2021-11-28 19:51

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