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FWIW, just encountered my first crash. I'd just jumped over the ledge to the next level (I think I'd confirmed "yes, I want to descend", but that's so ingrained in my fingers that I might have performed it after the crash occurred). Not sure if the screencap of the crash helps

P#148422 2024-05-15 14:01

Thanks for the report. I think I got another report of the same error just after releasing the game but have never been able to reproduce it myself -- the message tells me it happens while drawing a tile, and both reports mention descending to a new level, so my gut tells me it's a rare problem with level generation. I've set the game to constantly generate new levels and I'm just gonna let it run. Hopefully it comes up eventually.

EDIT: hmm but it sounds like the crash happened immediately after confirming the jump? Before the character entered the hole?

EDIT EDIT: looking at the callstack again, it's definitely happening during level generation, and specifically when setting up the draw calls for a tile. Just took me a minute to remember how my game rendering works.

P#148424 2024-05-15 15:16 ( Edited 2024-05-15 15:38)

I've had a couple cases where the level-generation has produced a ridiculously-small world. One of those times (2023-03-21 if that matters for version history) it ended up with no ground:

Most of the time I get at least one tile of ground on a new level. I'm not sure if that's an edge-case that might play into the issue at hand, or if it's just a red-herring.

P#148425 2024-05-15 15:35

I can't exactly confirm or deny your edited question. I'm pretty sure I'd managed to confirm "yes, jump down" at which point it died before the new level had been rendered. It happened quickly enough that I couldn't tell whether the old level had been cleared from the screen first or if it was still visible (which, if I had that info, might help you narrow down where in the code the issue triggered. Sry.)

P#148426 2024-05-15 15:37

I really like that high-level items can randomly spawn. I was playing a staff-heavy game, investing Orbs of Power into a Cloak of Wisdom and a few Staffs, when I picked up a Staff of Fire+4 halfway through the game. And then a Staff of Ice+1 soon after that. The game quickly moved from somewhat fun to really fun.

A few days ago I ran into a really low-probability edge case. When your inventory is full, you use an Orb of Teleport, and you happen to be teleported onto an item, you get the "inventory full" message even though the Orb of Teleport will be gone from your inventory by the next time you look. This probably shouldn't be considered a bug, especially because it happens extremely rarely, but it was a weird experience when it happened to me.

P#149238 2024-05-31 13:48 ( Edited 2024-05-31 13:48)

@CFLAddLoader I've hit the same teleport→Inventory Full (yet pick up the target item) too. Which I'm glad because I was in a bind with low health and a swarm of enemies. I teleported away from the swarm directly into a much-needed Orb of Life ☺

I do love finding the rare high-powered item. The best I've found in the wild was a Spear+6, and I've found +5 items a number of times (but that might be as much a factor of how much time I spend playing 😇). And with Orb of Power, the best I've been able to achieve is a Spear+13 (I get +12 weapons occasionally, but haven't bested a +13)

Now that was a fun game…

P#149242 2024-05-31 15:06

@Gumnos Yeah that's a really good spear. That much damage could kill a Flesh Horror in two hits.

P#149243 2024-05-31 15:17

Was playing some more and found a minor bug, threw my orb of teleport at the eldritch fleshy guy but then it's sprite was stuck as the orb effect sprite? was too scared to try to hit to see if it reverted or not but it was just moving around as this blue ball. didn't win either I kept throwing but I got close I think!

P#149334 2024-06-02 12:01

@SmellyFishstiks I've hit this issue too. AFAIK, it's the same flesh-beast, and you can still kill it as if it was the original graphic.

P#149338 2024-06-02 13:00

Overall Quite good. A few complaints; I really hate the accuracy mechanic. It is the source of 90% of my deaths and I would be perfectly ok with the inconsistency removed. I think the fire does a little bit too much damage to you, As I have had moments where I have been "One shot" by 1 flame. Last complaint, I really think that the mages have a little bit too much health. Just a bit. Perhaps In order to balance things, you may have to remove dodging from the player entirely, and to decrease torch damage, because torch is a pretty good starting weapon actually. Overall this game is really amazing, and does certainly have potential for a full game!

P#149479 2024-06-05 13:51

@Gumnos I lucked into a Spear+5 on the first level and then dedicated the run to trying to beat your record, but I didn't quite succeed by the time I cleared level 16. It's still a pretty good Spear.

P#149497 2024-06-05 18:00

@CFLAddLoader yeah, I've gotten +12 weapons a couple times

The Axe+12 has been a favorite

and the Rapier+12 with some Darksight is a lethal combination:

but with the new changes to how the Spear can take out the spawned Spectral Blades if they're generated in the target-cell of the Spear, the Spear may capture the throne. :-)

P#149503 2024-06-05 20:21

One other fun/interesting game-play mechanic that arose with recent changes is when you have lots of Orbs of Life and ways to light them—either a Staff of Fire (especially if you have a Cloak/Amulet of Wisdom) or something you can throw at Braziers—you have a hand-grenade-type effect where you can throw an Orb of Life at a group of enemies, it clouds and they alert, then you light them up for massive enemy damage (at the cost of the Orb). I love all the little interplay bits ♥

P#149505 2024-06-05 20:25

I just encountered a level that generated really oddly. There were several disconnected land segments without any bridges between them.

This was on depth 4. I'm not entirely sure what happened here. Maybe bridges to mushrooms fail to work somehow? When the levelgen tries to place multiple items on the same location which one wins? Or maybe there was a bridge, but the mushroom overwrote it?

P#149769 2024-06-10 22:50

Interesting -- I think this is a rare case where there's no way for the level generator to connect the unreachable tiles to a reachable one because it can only make connections along straight axis-aligned lines. Ideally there'd be some kind of check for a minimum number of reachable tiles, otherwise regenerate the level, but I didn't have the tokens to implement that. At least you can still jump down

P#149771 2024-06-10 23:29 ( Edited 2024-06-10 23:30)

Feeling a little power-hungry. Got a Staff of Lytning+10 while having an Amulet of Wisdom+2 so with a little luring enemies around on levels, I could line them up and obliterate multiple Ogres, Flesh Beasts, and Dragons in a strike or two. It was mostly doing that with the +8, but then I found two Orbs of Power and the maniacal laughter began 😈

All the zapping!

P#150243 2024-06-21 23:43

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