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Voxatron Development Map

Current version: alpha 0.3.4

This page is intended to give a top-level view of what's going on with Voxatron development. For more up-to-date happenings, try the Blog, BBS or my twitter feed. For extremely real-time information, drop by Lexaloffle HQ and look over my shoulder to see what's on the screen.


Vertical Slices
Alpha v0.1
Minimal Designer, Arena and Story prototypes.
Alpha v0.2
Explorable worlds, extra monsters, animation and monster design tools.
Fantasy Console
Alpha v0.3
Custom players and weapons, inventories, mulitplayer, micro-scripting, audio tools, cartridges.
Voxatron Arena
Beta v0.4
Arena shooter w/ sidekicks, portals and multiple characters. Lua scripting.
Voxatron Story
Exploratory action/adventure game set in the Voxatron universe.

Next Milestone: v0.4 (Beta)

At 0.4, Voxatron will be feature complete (except for Voxatron Story) and change to beta status.

The following is an overview of items left to complete 0.4, roughly in the order they will become available.

:: Useability
Better documentation, tutorials and more visually structured editor GUI.
:: Lua Scripting
Create cartridges from scratch using only Lua scripting, or use Lua for finer control over existing engine features.
:: Big Worlds
Larger max room size, vertically scrolling rooms, save procedurally generated room and object data.
:: PICO-8 Support
Load PICO-8 cartridges into the resource tree and run them from within a Voxatron world.
:: Console Interface
New minimal front menu, bbs cart labels, new cartridge explorer.
:: Voxatron Arena (Cartridge)
Will mark the release of v0.4. New monsters, weapons, pickups, portals, music.

v1.0 Voxatron Story

Voxatron Story is a multi-character adventure set in the Voxatron universe, and will be shipped with 1.0.

Most 0.4.* updates will be bug fixes and minor improvements to support Story development.


Features added during Alpha, available in the most recent builds.


Make player-selectable pickups with their own weilding and HUD-display rules.


Multiplayer controls, selection, inventory rendering and team logic.

Shareable Cartridges

Each Voxatron game is packaged as a cartridge that can be shared as a .png or online via an HTML5 player.

Custom Actors

Create actor animations, state trees and emitters to create a variety of behaviours and attacks.


Flexible control over interactions between actors and other objects using triggers and actor modifiers.


Mix player control schemes: analogue, quantized, twin-stick, inventory selection and customized bindings.


Solid physics system featuring per-actor hoisting, throwing, carrying, density, gravity and bounce.


Water, mud, jelly or lava-based rooms, with liquid displacement and surface ripples.

Persistent Worlds

Preserve whole room states or individual objects in save game data.

Audio Tools

Use a built-in tracker and sound designer to create PICO-8 audio triggerable by actor or room events.

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