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i'm a person who likes making and playing games
(btw my icon is beebo from robot 64 on roblox drawn in pico-8)

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This is a game I made before I made this account, in fact this is the first game I made on pico-8. It never really had a name until now, just being called 'coingame'. But now that I'm releasing it I decided to give it a slightly better name, Green-Man's Coins.
Green-Man will likely appear in future games, including a way better one that I'm working on right now.
Feb 2, 2023: Deluxe version! menus, music and more!

  • GreenMan: Your character. Use the directional buttons to move.
  • Friend: Friendly character. Will destroy an enemy if it touches one.
  • Enemy: Enemy character. You will lose one life if you touch an enemy.
  • Coin: Collectible. Collect one to increase your score.
  • Bomb: Powerup. Destroys all enemies on screen.
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