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Hello, this is my first game made with PICO-8 and it is my variant of an online game classic called DICE WARS.
Supports up to 6 players (in hotseat mode) - if there are less, the other players are controlled by the computer. New with v1.2: You can also start a game with less than 6 players.

The goal in Planet Dice Wars is to conquer all planets in the galaxy. The game is played in turns. When it is your turn, select a source planet and a target planet to send your troops. You can only attack from a planet with more than 1 troop.
An attack is carried out by rolling dice (hence the name 'Planet Dice Wars'). The attacker rolls a die for each attacking troop, the defender rolls a die for each defending troop on the planet. The attack succeeds if the attacker rolls higher - all of his attacking troops minus one are placed on the target planet while a single troop is left behind on the source planet. When the attack fails, the attacker looses all troops but one!

You can do as many attacks in your turn as you like (and are able to). Press the 'X' button to enter the menu and end your turn.
At then end of your turn, your planets randomly get replenishments: It is important to have a large area of connected planets to get more troops. You get one additional replenishment troop for each two planets in your largest area (and one troop on top). The maximum number of troops on a planet is 9.

There are also some small enhancements compared to the original DICE WARS:
When you increase the Level (from 'easy' up to 'brutal') the computer players get some reinforcements at the end of each round (when each player had its turn).
In the menu, human players can call for reinforcements once in the game. These are additional 4 (in levels hard & brutal) or 5 (in levels easy & medium) troops which will be added to the replenishments. When you call for reinforcements, you also end your turn. Use this option wisely.

Planet Dice Wars is a fast little strategy game with more strategy and tactics than is apparent at first glance. And a large portion of nerve-wracking luck in your dice rolls. Remember: You cannot re-group your troops on your planets...

Have fun,

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