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-To move use the arrow keys

-To jump press x

-To open the inventory hold c/z (if on mobile use the O key )

Additional controls-


-To slide run into a block and stop before you hit it

-To ground pound. In the air hold down until you hit the ground

-To air jump , jump while falling


I am currently a student in college and one of our units is game development.
Now most people might flock towards unity or unreal to make some really impressive high fidelity game....but I only have a couple moths to learn the software and make a competent game. So I was introduced to Pico-8.
Now only 2 and a bit months later I think I've make a competent enough game to use, at the very least as a reference point, in making my unit submission game.
I've also been wanting for a long time to make a game for an itch.io game jam and the FFS jam seemed perfect to enter this into.


If you want to view it there the link is: https://rising-dawn.itch.io/portals-in-mutation
link for the other Jam games:https://itch.io/jam/finally-finish-something-2022/entries

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