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Ravi was my first cousin and he was about four older than me. He lived in a beautiful hill town in up North India with his parents. I turned 18 in that year and he was 22. We both were in our college and I went to his place for the summer break. Stay there was always pleasant, away from the city life with a lot of green and rains. It was beautiful. Ravi is a handsome hunk. He is big, may be more than six feet tall at that time. He has rough manly features and his appearance is intimidating. That time he was a young boy but very impressive physically.

I on the other hand was a medium built guy of above average height. I was 5'10" and muscular and very toned because of my young age. I had no hair on my body and my facial hair and pubes began to show a month back or so. I had a narrow waist and my ass was round and big. I loved to look at my ass in the mirror. My ass cheeks were soft, smooth and round like melons. I was so smooth that if you undressed me and looked at me from behind, I would pass for a girl with narrow waist and big round ass. I was hot both for girls and for guys. I had few girlfriends and the sex with them was good. I had great experience in heterosexual intercourse. I was fucking girls from family as well and incest was a great turn on for me, it still is.

Some months back I got my hands on some homosexual porn material. As I read it, I liked it. I got curious for experiencing it. It was difficult to find a gay date in small city. Back then there was no social media like Facebook or Twitter. In frustration I began to demand anal sex from my girls. They obliged and the experience was great. Fucking a girl's ass was even more hot than fucking her tight wet pussy. Girl's ass is tighter than pussy and it has more nerves ending there which makes it more pleasurable for the girl. The sensation in my cock was parallel to nothing when I cum in a tight ass. I began to love it. I became a master in ass fucking. Here I want to tell you that my cock is pretty big. It is 7" and is fat enough. I was so pro in ass fucking that even the first timer girls would take my cock easily after my expert foreplay and lubricating techniques. I was yet to meet a guy to get real experience.

I was not aware that there were other plans for me in pipeline. I was fucking Ravi's sister Kanchan, my cousin sister, those days and she was hot. I will tell you her story some other time. One night we were fucking and I put a finger in her ass and she came hard on my cock. Stimulating her ass with one finger worked magic on her. Next night I asked if I could fuck her ass. After little convincing she agreed and we began our anal sessions that day onwards. She used to suck my dry first than took my cock in her big ass. In was intense and pleasure.

Me and Ravi were close enough. He had his own friend circle of grown up guys but gave me enough attention whenever possible. He was a loving guy. Other day we were working in the lawn. He was perched on the wall and mending the plants when I glanced between his legs. His shorts were missing some stitching and his big black cock was hanging out. Now, my cock is big but it is barely 3-4 inches when flaccid. His was 6" long and fat even it was not erect. I was astonished at his size. In my childish mind I worked up the equation and thought that his cock much be a foot long when fully erect. I got turned on by even thinking about that. He was busy in work and did not notice me staring at his cock. As he moved ahead on his hunches, his cock swung sideways and his ball sack also fell out. He had big balls size of a medium size apple. They were hairy and were hanging low due to their size. I was astonished and I swallowed hard. His junk was on full display and because of our positions, I could see it all. I was turned on and I want to feel his cock fully erect.

I was sure that I didn't want to ass fuck Ravi even if he agreed to that. I was more into girls so I wanted smooth, little and young boy for me. Ravi was already a rough man. He didn't interest me much but his cock was still in my brain. So far I only wanted to feel his manhood.


It was an easy task to do as we used to sharing beds during night. Because there were too many cousins in the house for summer break so I moved in with Ravi. Ravi was a sound sleeper so I decided to make my move in night when he was asleep. After dinner we went to sleep. It was Ravi, me and one other cousin of ours. Me and Ravi were sleeping on his bed and he was on couch. After some time of talking and laughing Ravi went to sleep and he fell asleep in a moment. I waited for long time to make sure that he was asleep. When I was fully assured, I decided to move.

I turned towards his side and placed my hand on his chest. My heart was pounding with excitement and fear. I clung to him just to ensure that he was actually sleeping. I raised my leg and placed my knee on his crotch. I moved my knee a little to feel his cock. Ravi was wearing only a shorts and no underwear. I could feel his semi hard cock. He must be dreaming something naughty, I thought. I raised my knee and hit his crotch with my knee lightly to check if he was sleeping deep enough. He didn't react. I was sure that he was as good as dead. I began to move my hand downwards. My throat was dry and my heart was racing. I was excited and turned on. My own cock was hard as rock. I crossed his chest, his abs, the band of his shorts and put my hand on his enormous cock. I pressed his cock with my palm and felt it with my eyes closed. I loved the touch. It was so comforting. I let out a sigh and pressed his cock again. His cock began to swell. I thought he was awake and was enjoying my touch. So I let go of his cock and turned to other side. I kept lying there for some time. My mind was racing. I felt his big cock in practically my hand and I loved it. The room was dark and he was still fast sleep. I was confused.

Finally my temptation overpowered my reason and I again turned towards him. This time I not only put my hand on his cock but I grabbed his cock in my fist. It was fully hard now and was a little bigger than my own cock, same girth but an inch longer may be. I rest my face on his arm and kept squeezing his cock for some time. He squirmed in his sleep. I was afraid. I pulled my hand back and turned away from her. My heart was pounding in my chest as if it was about to come out. I was wondering if he felt me feeling his cock. I was motionless. Suddenly he moved towards me and placed his hand and one leg over me. He pulled my body into his embrace. He was spooning me from behind and began to dry humping me. He was pushing his pelvic on my round ass. I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my ass. I was unaware if he was dreaming or was dry fucking me. I didn't move. He kept rubbing himself on me and with a loud animalistic grunt he began to cum. He was shuddering and panting. I could feel his warm cum soaking my shorts from behind. I was frightened and too turned on to even move. I myself was hard as rock. In some moments his breathing normalised and he fell asleep over me. I kept awake for long working my mind for the worst case scenario. I was wondering if I would have to confront the family in the morning or just him. I was clueless.

In the morning I woke up late and by the time I woke up Ravi was gone. I was afraid to move out of bed. It was late in the morning and there were voices coming from the house. The door opened and Kanchan came in with the morning tea.

"What happened to you? You don't sleep that much in morning," she asked climbing the bed.

"Where is everyone?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"Nobody is going to come looking for either of us if that's what you are asking. And I locked the door from inside," she winked getting into sheets next to me.

She pulled me into a kiss and inserted her hand in my shorts. My cock was already hard.

"Ohh I miss this little monster in lonely nights!" she cooed in my ear.

I threw her away, tore her clothes away from her body and she spread her legs. I mounted her in missionary and fucked her senses out of her.

I met Ravi in the lawn where he was playing with the pets. He was behaving absolutely normal.

"Hey little one, u woke up late today. Where is Kanchan she went looking for you a long time back?" she asked busy in his job.

I couldn't tell her that I just now fucked her sister like a bitch and she was in my bed naked gathering her senses. Episodes of last night began to play in my mind. Was he unaware of our little action or was it plain acting??

My day went on with the same questions in my mind. I ignored Kanchan when she called me to kitchen for a quick blowjob. I was too engrossed in my own thoughts. Finally I planned to repeat my moves that night to make sure what Ravi's intentions were.


We went to sleep in usual manner that night as well. I was lying next to Ravi. After waiting long enough for him to sleep I moved closed to him and placed my shaking hand on his cock. It was soft. I felt relaxed as I expected it to be hard in anticipation. So last night was just he fucking his girl in his dream. I began to move my hand slowly on his cock and it began to come to life. His cock was swelling under my touch and I was loving it. I grabbed his cock in my hand and squeezed it a little. He moaned and squirmed in sleep. I was little confident this time so I didn't leave his cock and kept working it. He was snoring lightly but his breathing began to get heavy. He was having a wet dream I thought. I was turned on myself. I wanted to feel his cock directly. So I inserted my hand in his waist band and grabbed his cock in his shorts. God, it was hard and warm. It was like a hot iron rod. I could feel his sticky cum on his red eye. I put it on my finger and smeared it on his cock head. I began to give him handjob and I was lost in rubbing his dick. I kept rubbing his cock head and his body got tensed. He began to cum in my hand. His thick gooey cum was spraying in his shorts all over my hand. He was grunting as he came. I was too frightened to move my hand. When he was all spent, he fell silent. I could not believe that he was sleeping. I kept my hand in his shorts and I didn't know when I fell asleep.

Next morning when I woke up he was already gone. I rubbed my eyes and felt his dried cum on my hand. It was covered in his cum fully. I smelled it and it was still potent. I was enjoying smell of Ravi's cum when his sister walked in with tea. In no time I was pumping my cock in her wanting ass from behind and I inserted my cum covered fingers in her mouth. She tasting her brother's cum was a major turn on for me and I unloaded in her ass and left her senseless on bed.

The day passed by normal. In night when it was time to sleep, I came to his bedroom but there was nobody there. I sat there waiting for others to come watching TV. Sometime later Ravi came and climbed onto the bed. We both were watching TV and I was waiting for my other cousin to come.

"Where is he?" I asked Ravi when I waited for him long enough.


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