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I am a new clockwork GameShell purchaser and I am very new to virtual systems and hardware. While waiting for my device to ship, I have been researching things that I can play or do on it. PICO8 Has caught my eye, and along with it; Voxatron. I know PICO8 runs well from the forum over at ClockWorkPI, but I was curious if a 3d based virtual system would work just as well; keeping in mind that the GPU on the GameShell is not fully supported at the moment.

Does the GameShell and Voxatron play nicely together?

Will the control schemes, hardware, or software be compatible or enjoyable to play on the GameShell?

Will the full GPU support be necessary to run Voxatron?

Thankful for any info on the matter!

P#61091 2019-01-22 14:59

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