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Polish "PICO-8" videotutorial series made by Jason (Supports English subtitles)
by JasonNumberXIII

Videotutorial series called "PICO-8. Podstawy" (PICO-8. The Basics) made by Jason!!! Now it has English subtitles!

I would like to announce my second videotutorial series called "PICO-8. Podstawy" (PICO-8. The Basics) which is available on YouTube and right now I'm releasing chapters one by one. Right now I started creating subtitles. Like my previous course, this will also be shared between series and each series will be have 20 chapters. We'll see how long it will go, but if audience level will be high, then I'll start creating quite new videos as a continuation!!!

The first chapter is now available on YouTube! Watch it right now!


#1 - Wprowadzenie (Intro)
#2 - Polecenia konsoli (Console commands)
#3 - Edytor kodu (Code editor)
#4 - Funkcje wbudowane (Built-in functions)
#5 - Podstawy Lua (Lua basics)
#6 - Klawisze funkcyjne (Function keys)
#7 - Funkcje matematyczne (Mathematical methods)
#8 - Rysowanie (Drawing)
#9 - Wykrywanie kolizji (Collision detection)
#10 - Projekt gry zręcznościowej (Arcade game project)
#11 - Edytor sprite'ów (Sprite editor)
#12 - Podstawy Lua, cz. II (Lua basics, p. II)
#13 - Delta time
#14 - Edytor dźwięku (Sound editor)
#15 - Splore
#16 - Zapis i odczyt gry (Save and load game)
#17 - Podstawy Lua, cz. III (Lua basics, p. III)
#18 - Czasomierz (Timer)
#19 - Pauza gry (Game pause)
#20 - Projekt gry "Wąż" ("Snake" game project)


My main website
Chapters list on my website!
"PICO-8. Podstawy" on Facebook
Trailer movie on YouTube
Playlist on YouTube

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